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Flood Prevention Assistance

Syn-Tex Geo has extensive experience and knowledge in flood prevention and protection. During the Flood of the Century in Manitoba, Canada, they played a major part in the infamous "Z" dike near Brunkild, Manitoba which was constructed in an amazing 3 days from start to finish and extended some 15 full miles. More>

Syn-Tex is a global leader in quality synthetic geotextile products and solutions including; Shoreline Stabilization and Protection, Dewatering Bags and Geotextile Tubes, Geo Lift Bags, Geo Air Jacks and Steam Blankets. Syn-Tex is proud to be an ITW company that is committed to corporate integrity and quality business practices.

Syn-Tex, Strength is our greatest quality.


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Syn-Tex, An ITW Company

Head Office: 211 Hutchings Street, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada R2X 2R4
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